About Us

SIKLAS store is located in the center of Ioannina (14 Mich. Aggelou) and is one of the most famous and leading stores of men's clothing and footwear in Ioannina. In the store you will find men's fashion proposals from famous designers and manufacturers in Europe and America. In so many years of operation it has gained loyal customers because the main criterion is the excellent quality, new ideas and impeccable service.

Always with respect to our tradition and history in the field of branded menswear, we take care to create fashion and according to the trends of the time, to offer an overall image of clothing to our customers, depending on their style, personality and lifestyle and always provide the best suggestions from branded companies.

A few words about our history...

In 1950, in the old market of Ioannina on "Anexartisias" street, Spyros Siklas opens the first menswear store.

After 65 years, Siklas store, having invested in quality and elegance, always with respect and consistency towards the customer, has a stable and dynamic presence in the local market and not only. However, in 1990, it was transferred to the new market on Charilaou Trikoupi Street.

From 1999 until today, the store is managed by the third generation of Siklas family in the center of Ioannina, specifically in the pedestrian area of Michail Aggelou, always with the same standards following the trends of international fashion and the creation of a long-term relationship with the customer.